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ShowMax Table Top Display Graphics

Showmax Table Top DisplayShowmax Table Top Display
  • ShowMax has an overall display area of 73.5" x 35.875" and weighs 35lbs.
  • Display surface is covered with Velcro ready fabrics available in four exciting colors.
  • Graphics are submitted ready for print.

Graphic Submission Guidelines:

  • CD-ROM disks, DVD disks, FTP to the Everything Displays FTP site (call for access password). Files less that 5mb can be emailed to graphics@everythingdisplays.com
  • All photoshop files or other pixel based digital files must be supplied at a resolution of a minimum 100dpi & maximum 150dpi at the finished (printed) size of the graphic being produced.
  • When submitting CD's:
    Do not send original artwork. Send copies. We will not return submitted CD's unless accompanied by a stamped, self addressed mailer.
  • A special word about artwork for logos:
    Logos taken from web sites are not adequate for print (the resolution is too low) and will need to be redrawn at extra cost. The same holds for logos embedded in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.
  • A special word about color matching:
    When color matching is important, we need something to match the color to. Send along a hard copy proof or alert us to specific pms colors to match. Also, when sending Photoshop files, if a color match is important, the file must be in layers. We cannot match to specific colors in a flattened Photoshop file.

    If we have printed a graphic for you in the past and you wish to match to that graphic you must send the graphic back to us for matching. Due to the sensitive nature of digital printing reprints cannot be depended on to match previous jobs.
Showmax Table Top Display Guidelines

Graphic Design Guidelines:

  • Create the entire four panel spread as one graphic 73.5"w x 35.875"h. (No bleed is necessary). When creating the graphic, if the design extends across the cut lines of two or more panels, shift any text around whenever possible to avoid sentences or words being split between the panels.
  • Panels:
    Side Panels:
    -Will be cut to 18.375"w x 35.875"h
    Center Panel:
    37" wide, will be cut down the middle.
    (2 - 18.375"w x 35.875"h panels)

    34.5" x 9.625"
    Add 1/2" all around for bleed.