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Our Green Commitment

Our green commitment - we work towards sustainability and environmental stewardship

Our company is committed to evironmental sustainability and stewardship.  Unlike companies that "greenwash" or skirt with greenwashing and claim to be eco-friendly or green but have only taken the most superficial or least expensive of efforts, we continue to take significant steps towards sustainability for our customers, employees, vendors, our community and environment.  Our vision is to become a trade show and event industry leader in sustainability efforts.

Our five primary sustainability goals are:

  1. Help our customers to "exhibit green" by offering green exhibit solutions and information on how to go green.
  2. Operate our company in an eco-friendly and sustainable way as well as helping our employees to do the same.
  3. Make the trade show industry more sustainabile and environmentally friendly.
  4. Help organizations that contribute to environmental sustainability and stewardship.

Here are some achievements our company has made towards sustainability:

  1. We offer numerous eco-friendly or green trade show display solutions.  
  2. We incentivize eco-friendly products and options.  Even when they cost us more, we will price green/eco products and product options at the same cost to companies as the non-eco options despite lower profit margins.
  3. We use 100% renewable energy Green Mountain Energy - all of our office electricity comes from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power.
  4. We have participated as as a host company for the Triskeles Sustainable Directions Youth Internship Program in years past, which trains youth in job skills, life skills, social entrepreneurship and sustainability.
  5. The construction of our current office was done with environmental considerations in every decision.  From the use of biodegradable cutlery and cups to toxin-free wall paint and the use of eco-friendly construction materials, minimized our carbon footprint. 
  6. Our green employee benefits.  We provide stipends to our employees for upgrading their home lighting to more eco-friendly lightbulbs or for switching to renewable energy for their home electricity use for example.
  7. We purchase and use only the most eco-friendly office supplies and equipment when possible.  For example our printer has double sided printing capacity to save paper.
  8. We recycle.