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The Ordering Process

Art Files

Turn-Around Time

What is the fastest way to place an order? 

The fastest way to place an order is through our "online shopping cart system". Our online shopping cart system allows you to add products to your cart, obtain shipping quotes, and make a purchase via credit card or PayPal, 24 hours a day.
Filling out an "order form" is another quick and easy way to place your order. This method allows you to type your ordering details directly into a pre-established template which a sales representative could send to you via link. Order forms can be used by companies who prefer not to place their orders online, for ordering products that are not yet available online, or for quantity orders. Call us at 1-888-334-7469 or email to receive a quote and to obtain an order form.

I placed an order and haven't received my receipt?
Receipts from web orders and order forms are automatically sent to your specified email address after your order has been processed. Double check to see if the email address in your order is written correctly since this is where additional order correspondences will be forwarded. Need more help? Please call us with your company name or order number at1-888-334-7469 or email us at 

What if I am having trouble placing an order online?
Although we have taken many measures to make the ordering process smooth and favorable, if issues arise, we are here to help. If you are experiencing an issue placing your order, please call us at 1-888-334-7469 so we can assist you on the spot. If calling after hours leave a message or email us at for a prompt response the following business day. 

Don't want to wait? Click here for a list of common trouble shooting steps to help you to get your order through online.
Why won’t my order go through online?
There are many external and internal factors that play a role in processing an online order. Below is a list of the most frequently experienced issues to help you to trouble shoot solutions for your specific order. You can also call us at 1-888-334-7469, during business hours (from 9-5 AM Eastern time) for help. Leave a message if calling after hours so that we can return your call promptly the next business day.
*If the first step doesn't resolve your issue, move onto the next step.*

Step 1:
Check to make sure that the billing address you are entering matches the billing address of the credit card you are using. This doesn't have the match your shipping address, but must be the address that is registered to the card you are entering or the web order will not go through. This is a programmed security feature built into our shopping cart.

Step 2:
Make sure that your specific order can be placed online. Most of our products can go through the online shopping cart, but there are a few exceptions. Check the details of the product you are ordering and make sure that there are no restrictions on this product that would prevent you from ordering it online.

Step 3:
Make sure that your shipping and billing address are located within the United States. Although we can ship internationally (and frequently do), international orders need to be placed with a representative using an order form and aren't able to be processed via web order. Call us at 1-888-334-7469 for help placing your international order.

Step 4:
Call your bank to make sure that there are enough available funds in the account you are attempting to use to place your order. Your bank will also be able to tell you if there are any restrictions placed on your card which would limit the amount you could spend or use for a specific transaction or within a specific industry.

Art Files

What is the basic process for ordering a display with graphics?
Simple Overview of Graphic Ordering Process:

The Graphic Ordering Process Explained Visually

How do I send my art files for the product I am ordering?
You can upload your art directly to our website using this link:

Additionally, you will automatically receive the link above with your receipt once you have submitted your order. Your order can be submitted online or by using an order form.

Can I place an order if my art files aren't ready yet?

Yes, you may place an order prior to having art files available. Once your order is in our system, you will receive an email with your receipt inviting you to upload your art files to our FTP. Feel free to hold onto this email, and follow the instructions whenever your art files are ready. We can hold your order in the system without art files for up to 4 weeks (additional extensions are available upon request).
*Please note, that your payment will be processed on the day that your order enters our system, independently of receiving art files.

What if I place an order and can't send you acceptable art files?

All art files go through our review process prior to printing, and eproofs are sent prior to printing. Clients are entitled as many eproofs and file resubmissions as they would like for no additional fee prior to production. If you are unable to send us usable artwork and decide not to submit new art, we can refund you for the art portion of your order upon request (applicable to most orders, please check with your sales representative to make sure this is the case for your order as some custom and rush jobs cannot be cancelled once added to the production schedule).

Can I send art to the Everything Displays FTP site before placing an order?

Yes, may upload your art to the Everything Displays FTP site whenever it is ready. Here is a link with details: We will not review or eproof your art files until your order is in.

Can art be reviewed without an order?
Orders need to be placed prior to reviewing your art files. We are unable to make exceptions to this procedure at this time.

Which methods of payments do you accept?
Everything Displays accepts all major credit cards, Pay Pal, wire transfers and checks made payable to Everything Displays.
Wire Transfer
Please contact us at 1-888-334-7469 or email us at for wire transfer and bank information. We will be able to provide you with the required banking details over the phone to make a wire transaction on request (we are unable to email you this information due to security measures).

Checks can be mailed directly to our billing office below:

Everything Displays 
Attn: Accounts Receivable 
1630A 30th Street, # 278
Boulder, CO 80301 (U.S.A.)

Turn-Around Time

How quickly can I get a display?

Most products on our website take 5 - 7 business days to produce plus shipping. Need something sooner? Call us at 1-888-334-7469 so we can help you find a product to guarantee that your deadline is met.