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XVline Displays

The XVLine offer simplified versions of Pascale Exhibit's traditional extrusion kits. XVline kits are affordable, attractive, turn-key solutions that are visually balanced and functional.

    XVLine trade show displays are simple, stylish and most of all, versatile. Each one has a distinctive, contemporary look, and comes custom-printed with your own choice of graphics. Many feature prominent headers, preinstalled halogen lights and side-wings, and you can choose from a selection of wing shapes or – as an optional extra – graphics-printed wings to further customize the display.

    The range includes a number of accessories that will help you make your trade show booth dynamic, inviting and functional in even the most limited of spaces, including monitor mounting kits, fitted shelving, and fixed or free-standing counters, and XVLine’s custom-molded travel cases allow for safe and easy shipping to and from venues and convenient storage when the display is not in use