Lecterns & Podiums

We specialize in Lecterns, podiums and public address systems. Browse our wide variety of solutions and contact us if you would like a custom quote.

Lecterns & Podiums

Lecterns & Podiums

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Lecterns and Podiums


Visit our Lecterns and Podiums website and browse through our extensive collection of professional fine wood and laminate podiums. Our Lecterns and Podiums website is our solution to your upscale event and banquet needs – both for high-end as well as economical lecterns and podiums. Here you will find podiums and speaker systems appropriate for your media event, political debate, hotel, restaurant or auditorium.

Browse our lecterns and podiums product pages to find a large selection of table top, acrylic, portable, wood, multimedia and contemporary lecterns and podiums for sale, including a wide variety of lectern accessories. All sound options include microphones and wireless microphones can be purchased as an additional accessory. Our solid wood podiums can be purchased with or without a custom engraving. Refer to the product pages for details.

All of our lecterns come with a standard warranty ranging from two years to six, depending on the product. Our lecterns and podiums found on the Lecterns and Podiums website are made for long-term permanent use. Very few of these products can be easily moved from one location to another. Due to this, if you are looking for a portable tradeshow podium or a non-sound podium solution with graphics, please refer to the “counters and cabinets” section of the Everything Displays’ website.

If you have any questions or if you would like to customize a podium or add a podium to your Everything Display’s quote, contact us at 888-334-7469 or sales@everythingdisplays.com. You can work with the same team for your display and podium needs as all Everything Display’s sale’s representatives are equally skilled with both web stores.