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Display Kiosks

Everything displays sells a variety of display kiosks and monitor stands, all of which can enhance your beautiful display system. Adding a kiosk to your display gives you an area where your target audience can self-serve as they grab literature or information about your business or services.

We offer all of our display kiosks with a lifetime warranty on the hardware against manufacture defects so you can confidently shop for your display components with us knowing you are buying products of outstanding quality.

Which Trade Show Display Kiosk?

You can choose from our Exhibitline K0.3, K3.3, K4.3, EX4.LIT, EX4D.LIT, LB1, LB1.lit2, LB1.lit2.V2 models or our Linear display kiosk models ranging from model 01 to 08.  Our Exhibitline K3.3 Kiosk features two shelves for offering literature and it comes with a single straight legged counter and one 2 piece wing while our Exhibitline K3.3 trade show kiosk comes with all of the latter features plus a three light canopy. 

Our Exhibitline K4.3 display kiosk is fitted with two shelves for literature, one 2 piece wing, a straight leg counter, circular header hardware, and four header clamping arms, while our Exhibitline EX4.LIT Single display hosts four header graphic arms, three shelves for literature, a counter, and two graphic supports.  If you need something even more exciting, you can check out the Exhibitline EX4D.LIT Double Sided display with two counters, six shelves, two graphic supports and six header graphic arms, or the Exhibitline LB1 Trade Show Lightbox Kiosk Display with two wings, two halogen lights, two fluorescent lights, and a main graphic panel.  Our Exhibitline LB1.lit2 Trade Show Lightbox Kiosk Display and Exhibitline LB1.lit2.V2 Trade Show Lightbox Kiosk Display offer similar designs and diverse display functionality. 

Alternatively, our Linear trade show kiosk selections vary in terms of features and include things like graphic packages, canopies, attractive frames, monitor mounts, vertical extrusions, wings, and cases for transporting all of your kiosk components to and from your trade shows and exhibitions.  You receive full instructions on how to easily install and set up the kiosk stand, and the disassembly is equally easy.