3 Important Questions you were Afraid to Ask about Your Tradeshow Display

3 Important Questions you were Afraid to Ask about Your Tradeshow Display

Love your tradeshow supplier but feel afraid to ask the tough questions? Worry no more. We have collected the top 3 important questions gathered from years of brave clients so you don’t have to ask! So sit down with a beverage of your choice, read on, and write your own questions and comments below!

Question #1

I want to stay up to date with social media, but don’t know where to start when incorporating it into my tradeshow display strategy. Help!

(A) Social media is still relatively new for most businesses, which means that most people are still figuring it out. In other words, there are less rules with what you can and can’t do and more space to experiment and have fun. Here are 3 tips to successfully integrate social media into your tradeshow marketing; keep it simple, keep it professional, and keep it related to your goals.

If your emphasis is on having more people approach your booth, make sure to announce the event on social media and invite current and potential clients to sign up or ask questions in advance. Or, offer people who RSVP to your event a promotion or deal which they can claim only when they visit you at your show. If you’re looking for a strategy to keep visitors interested in your company after your show, invite potential clients to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe to your YouTube channel for a chance to win a product or service that your company offers. Report the winner to all who signed up a few days after your show ends. Promote your contest at the tradeshow on a small, easy to interchange banner, like the imagine  https://everything-displays.myshopify.com/products/imagine-retractable-banner-stand-with-interchangeable-graphic-print-single-sided

See http://www.rickwhittington.com/blog/clever-social-media-trade-show-tips/ and http://library.constantcontact.com/download/get/file/1102206192776-69/50+Social+Media+Ideas+For+Your+Tradeshow.pdf for more useful tips.

Question #2

Is it better to buy a used display, or a new display from a retailer like Everything Displays?

Buying a used display from another person is complicated, but can be done successfully on a case by case basis. The key to this one is to know before you buy! Make sure the display you are purchasing is in working condition because most warranties don’t apply once display ownership is transferred. Also, purchasing spare parts for an older, unknown display is virtually impossible.

Check to make sure that the used display you are buying can accept new graphics and make sure to find at least one company that can print your new graphics for the display before you purchase. Everything Displays can print graphics for most used displays. For details, contact sales@everythings.com.

If you can find a company to print new graphics, get a quote if possible. Many times, clients are surprised to learn that unless they purchased a well-known brand, they will need to ship their display for a fitting, and pay custom graphic fees to reskin their old display. The cost to reskin could end up costing more than a brand new display! To view affordable new graphic and hardware displays, click here: https://everything-displays.myshopify.com/collections/10-x-10-pop-up-displays

Question #3

I have no idea what type of graphic or information to put on my display. Any ideas?

(A) When it comes to designing your graphics, there is no single “right” way to do it. However, knowing a few key guidelines can help you to get off on the right foot.

Your tradeshow graphics should communicate who you are and what you offer at a first glance. Keep it simple in terms of text and photos. Since most tradeshow graphics will be printed on larger backgrounds, build your graphics with high resolution and high quality files.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving their graphic design completely up to the person in the office who knows how to use Photoshop!


Although these individuals will likely have great ideas, they may lack actual knowledge in marketing in regards to graphics and branding, and their final concept may not actual mesh with your overall strategic goals. Tradeshow graphic concepts require input from multiple individuals in the company; especially those who know your business model and vision best.

To gain the most traction for your next tradeshow, schedule a brainstorming session with the key players in your company about your tradeshow graphic concept several weeks before the design is due. Consider the main message you want to convey on the display and coordinate your giveaways and handouts with your graphic to make an even larger impact. This integrated approach will help your marketing, sales, and design team work effectively towards a shared, unified vision of tradeshow success.

If your graphic does a good job, it will invite onlookers to come closer, grab a brochure, or engage with you to learn more. Keep in mind that someone walking by your booth should be able to quickly understand who you are and what you offer.

We hope we answered some of your tradeshow questions today. Thought of something else? Share your questions and feedback below.

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