10' x 10' Sierra Hardwood Flooring

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Manufactured From Recyclable Materials

Give your trade show stand or exhibition space an added touch of class with the Sierra range of hardwood flooring. This high-end flooring solution features interlocking tiles crafted from genuine hardwood. It’s resilient and hardwearing and designed specifically with long term, regular use in mind, and resistant to the kind of wear and tear that comes with being trampled on by hundreds of existing customers and prospective clients alike! What’s more, though finished with a traditional, homely finesse, Sierra’s hardwood flooring takes cable and wire management into consideration from the word go, with 5/8” clearance beneath each tile, allowing for all your electrical needs throughout the trade show, exhibition or conference. Installation of Sierra hardwood flooring couldn’t be any easier, and can be achieved in next to no time and without any specialist experience or knowledge.Our selection of trade show wood flooring caters to a wide range of trade show stands, big and small, starting with a neat and simple 10’ x 10’ floor plan, all the way up to 50’ x 50’, and includes both rectangular and square designs. If you require any further information about this display, or indeed any other items in our collection, please contact our office on 1-888-334-7469.
  1. Type:
    • 10' x 10' Sierra Hardwood Trade Show Flooring
  2. Includes:
    • 9 Main tile pieces
    • 12 Edge pieces
    • 1 Crate for Shipping & Transit
    • Totals to 100 square feet
  3. Features:
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Wide variety of uses
    • Modular
    • 26 finish selections (see gallery images and pulldown menu above)
    • Durable Polyurethane Satin finish
    • Tool-free assembly
    • Easy to clean
    • Custom shapes & dual wood inlays available. See gallery image for a dual wood inlay example
    • Product sample available upon request
    • Features 5/8" clearance underneath for wire, cable, water and gas management. Flooring can be custom built to be higher if more clearance is needed. Call sales at 1-888-334-7469 for details
    • Easy and fast setup and dismantle (product setup & dismantle time varies according to configuration size, however this can be used as a guide: a 10ft x 20ft flooring configuration size takes roughly 30-40 minutes to install and 25-30 minutes to dismantle)
  4. Size Per Piece: Sierra Hardwood Flooring for trade shows measures exactly 39" x 39", total flooring height is 1.25", each piece weighs 26 lbs.
  5. Corner/Border Piece Size: Corner/Border is either 1.5" in width, or 3.0" in width (depending on the size of the flooring package), and runs the length of 1 piece (appx 39")
  6. Exact Flooring Dimensions: 10 ' x 10' (120 inches x 120 inches)
  7. Note: Except for the 20' x 50' configuration size, all Sierra Hardwood Flooring configuration sizes, 3" of length is lost for every 10ft of length of any given side that is larger than 20ft (i.e. 10' x 30', 30' x 30', 50' x 50', etc). The product can be cut to the exact measurement, but please call our sales department for a quote and more details at 1-888-334-7469
  8. Eco/Green Features:
    • 100% Green
    • Bio-degradable
    • Renewable
    • Recyclable
    • Environmentally Friendly Including Finishes
    • Manufactured from renewable raw materials
  9. Finish Options: Click here for wood species & finish. Finishes are arranged and available in three differing groups. Please click to see wood/stain swatch and make your selection in the pulldown menu above
  10. Weight: This 10' x 10' package weighs approximately 252 lbs.
  11. Return Policy: Return in new, original condition only.
  12. Availability: Approximately 1 to 2 weeks
  13. Shipping Size: 1 shipping crate measuring 45" x 45" x 133" @400 lbs.
  14. Shipping Weight: Approximately 400 lbs, ships freight only
Limited one year warranty against manufacturer defects. Warranty does not apply to products subject to abuse. Wood floors are not covered for scratches, gouges, punctures, abrasion, or damage resulting from improper use